Monday, September 16, 2019

The Burrow.Two versions.

                                                                          Version 1

                                                                    DOWNLOAD HOUSE 

                                                                  Harry Potter set by Severinka 

              Большое спасибо моей дорогой и любимой Северинке ,  за прекрасные вещи, 
                                                           для этого сказочного домика !   

                                                                        Version 2

                                                                   Version no CC in the gallery 

                                                                      Version no CC mediafire


  1. Stealing content from elsewhere? This house was made by Márcio from Marciomtsims channel, you just messed with custom content and added some things. How ugly, because you don't create your own things. It's easier to steal right ?!

    1. This is very funny.
      Firstly - I built this house. When you went to kindergarten.
      And I have never seen the works of the author you are talking about.
      Secondly - I’ve built The Burrow twice already. In 2013 and in 2015.

      Это очень смешно.
      Во первых - этот дом строила я. Когда Вы ходили в детский сад.
      И я никогда не видела работ автора о котором Вы говорите.
      Во вторых - "The Burrow" я строила уже два раза . В 2013 году и в 2015.



    2. Another lovely version of the Weasley House, loved Sims 3 version too. Tried to look up the author of the one mentioned above but cannot find him, Oh well ;-) Have a great day, and keep up the great work.

    3. @Frau Engel...Creo que se refiere a MTsims, que tiene un canal en YouTube...Yo creo que tu trabajo es admirable... que no tiene comparación... Yo no creo que tengas necesidad de robar ni copiar las ideas de nadie... eso es una difamación...

  2. your builds are always great. dont mind the rude person above. sounds like they're just bitter for no reason

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  4. Ваши работы удивительны и очень красивы! Желаю вам вдохновения и побольше свободного времени, чтобы и дальше радовать нас своим творчеством! Спасибо!

  5. I've found the guy but i think he was inspired by your work ^^ (, Harry Potter is famous, think others can also want to build this house. But still, I love your work, your one of my favorite creator for a long long time, continue your fantastic work !

  6. AHHHH! Blast from the past! I used to play your TS3 version of this house in the Dragon Valley world. So many memories. Thank you again for the amazing content :)

  7. hmmm ANONYMOUS first of all frau engel never steal anything from anybody i know it for a fact cause for many years i know her! sims 3 and 4! shut up i just look that build from the Marciomtsims looks by even dates that in that case he steal something from her! gut arbeit frau engel! aber mit download stimmt etwas nicht

  8. Hola! me encantan todas tus creaciones, son preciosas. Me descargué la Madriguera y me aparecen unos cuadros con fotos reales de Harry Potter , sus amigos y los padres Weasley pero no los tengo en mis contenidos ni me los deja clonar para poder ponerlos en otros sitios. Sabes por que es? me estoy volviendo loca y me gustaria mucho tenerlos para proximas creaciones. Muchas gracias!

    1. Hola hola Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras.
      Descargué estas fotos de la galería. Puedes encontrarlos en la galería de hashtag de Harry Potter. Solo ponlo para que el motor de búsqueda busque habitaciones, no lotes.
      Perdóname por cualquier error. Espero que el traductor en línea haya traducido todo claramente.